14 Living Room Lighting Ideas You Should Try

Living Room Lighting

Wouldn’t you agree that nobody wants to lounge in a poorly lit and empty space during the day? As a hub of activity where most homeowners spend their free time, it only makes sense that the living room lighting should be the most comfortable place in the house. Many homeowners across New Zealand make their living rooms extra special by adding fancy furniture and lighting fixtures. 

Here at Galaxy Lighting, we believe that lighting is one of the essential elements that can beautify your living room. If you’re up for some home improvement project, then perhaps you can use these living room lighting ideas.

1. Set the mood with a centrepiece. 

Ideally, a well-lit room should have layered lighting that includes a mix of ambient, accent, and task lighting, illuminating all four corners to create a balanced look and feel. But a striking light fixture is more than enough to complete a living room. It wouldn’t even matter if you go for a modern pendant or a romantic chandelier

Add a centrepiece to brighten the seating area in your living room, and voila! With a dimmer switch installed, you can set up the atmosphere, set the mood, and create a focal point. 

2. Make it pop. 

Do you feel like your space lacks a certain oomph? Give it that splash of pop by adding a colourful accent lamp. You will never run out of options as there are lots of fun and funky table lamps that will give your living area an eclectic vibe. 

3. Try adding layers of light. 

If you want to illuminate your living room for differing atmospheres and purposes, consider focusing on the mix – candlelight, chandeliers, floor lamps, recessed lighting, table lamps, wall sconces. The secret to having a successful lighting design is combining different light sources at different levels of your living room. So, shop for different types of fixtures and use them together or separately for a well-lit space. 

4. Opt for overhead sources. 

A single ceiling fixture may not be enough if your room is large and lacking in natural light. Don’t overlook overhead light sources like a pendant light paired with recessed lighting. This combination draws the eye and illuminates the space. 

5. Don’t overlook low-hanging light. 

Speaking of overhead light sources, don’t forget about low-hanging light, too. Take advantage of your low ceilings by adding a low-hanging pendant light that’s sure to bring an unexpected layer of light to your space. 

6. Find a pretty pair. 

Another bright idea is to double your lighting pleasure with pretty twin pendant lights. Simply hang matching pendant lights, like our sleek metal and wood pendant lights, above your general living area to achieve a sense of balance and symmetry. With a pretty pair of these pendant lights, you can make your space more beautiful. 

7. Spice things up with stylish sconces. 

We love some alliteration here. Sure enough, you can spice things up with wall lights or sconces. These little beauties are a great way to frame the sofa or a work of art. They also add interest to an otherwise empty wall. 

Plus, they’re perfect for small spaces and help free up floor space. You can go for a solo wall light for a minimalist look. To add a bit of flair to your living area, you can try classic wall lights with a white glass and wood base

8. Add some art. 

You don’t have to settle for either form or function because you can get both. Go for this gold-plated LED drop light that looks more like a hanging art installation than a light source. Isn’t this the ultimate living room lighting design? 

9. Consider a floor lamp. 

Don’t have a ceiling fixture? Why not add a LED floor lamp that curves over the space? This will add light to your room pronto without calling an electrician. 

10. Brighten a corner. 

You will be surprised at how a lonely armchair in a corner can instantly turn into a reading nook when you add a vintage table lamp. Adding a floor lamp is also a great way to illuminate an empty corner. Whether it be a LED table light or floor lamp, you can create a comfortable spot that’s ideal for curling up with a good novel. So, take advantage of that empty space in your living room before it gets stacked with dirty laundry. 

11. Don’t leave your fireplace in the dark. 

If you have a fireplace in your living room, then brighten the mantel. Don’t leave it in the dark. You can highlight this classic stonemasonry feature by adding candles or a pair of small lamps to your mantel display. You can even install sconces. 

12. Go Moroccan. 

For a little mysterious and exotic touch to your living area, you can go for Moroccan lanterns. They are hanging lamps made out of rustic brass or wrought iron metalwork and tinted stained glass. Their entire lattice metalwork is just awe-inspiring. Moroccan lanterns also come in a beautiful combination of colours: green, yellow, red, orange, blue, and amber. Add this colourful fluorescent delight in your living room and make your evenings cosy. 

13. Choose transparent classics. 

Does your living room have giant windows and glass doors? If so, don’t interfere with the natural daylight and choose transparent fixtures. A classic crystal chandelier is exactly the kind of transparent lighting you need. You can also try table lamps with clear glass or plastic forms for that airy and uncluttered look. There are also lamps that come in multiple shades of transparent tinted glass for you to consider. 

14. Have some healing light. 

When we say light can be healing, we’re actually talking about Himalayan salt lamps. They’ve been the latest craze among interior design YouTubers. These lamps are created out of pink salt crystals that are native to the Himalayas. They emit a pinkish hue and make any space relaxing. 

It is also said that you can purify the air and boost your mood with a Himalayan salt lamp on your sofa table. Although no major studies have supported its air-purifying qualities, one study suggested that a Himalayan salt lamp can produce rapid positive mood changes. 

Liven up your living room with light fixtures from Galaxy Lighting. 

We hope the bright ideas we listed above will inspire your living room lighting. If you’re ready to update your living room, then check out the various light fixtures we have here at Galaxy Lighting. Table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, wall lights – whatever it is you need, we have the bright lighting solutions for your home

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