6 Wall Spot Lights That You Need in Your Home

wall spot lights

One of the oft-overlooked parts of our homes is the lighting. The lighting design is often a bit of an afterthought when most living spaces are already put together. That’s why it’s important to emphasise how the lighting can make or break the interior.

Apart from having a huge impact on aesthetics and functionality, it also creates different moods. It can even have profound effects on our well-being. If you’re looking for ways to transform your interior with lighting, you have come to the right place.

Here are some wall spot lights you can add to your home to up the lighting game.

1. Lanterns and Lamps

When we think of lanterns and lamps, we only see them as the traditional fitting for wall mounting. But there is nothing old-fashioned about them at all. They’re timeless pieces that will always look good wherever you install them in your home.

These lighting fixtures diffuse their light with bevelled glazing, creating a bit of a glamorous sparkle and improving the overall aesthetic of your interiors. If you wish to create an architectural feel in your living room, you can place a row of four simply designed lamps on the wall, spaced at equal distance to one another. You can also use a single lamp for wall mounting.

A single wall-mounted lamp can do the same job as four simple lamps when it creates a wash against a darker wall. You can use some angle-poised lamps that are fixed to the wall rather than mounted on a desk if you want a funky look.

2. Vertical Washes

Most wall fittings are mounted at eye level. You don’t want all the light of the bulb bursting across the room and overwhelming your sense of sight. So as not to catch too much attention, wall-mounted lights and LED batten light should throw their light backwards to create a wash.

If you wish for the light to be thrown in one direction only, you can achieve this with many wash type fittings. For a modern look, go for fittings that project in two directions. The fitting (sometimes with two bulbs) allows light to escape upwards and downwards, creating a vertical wash.

It’s even better if the light thrown upwards bounces on the room’s ceiling. To add to the vertical wash look, a little light that’s thrown sideways is a great idea.

3. Wall-Mounted Lighting Boxes

When it comes to creating a visual impact, wall lighting should not be the poor relation to ceiling lighting. If the living room walls are used instead of the ceiling, the lighting design can look just as good. Another good option that offers visual impact is a series of wall-mounted lighting boxes arranged around a contemporary fireplace or television.

You can achieve the same effect in the corner of a living room with a single lightbox. Other wall-mounted fittings are also worth investing in, such as those designs that double as shelving units.

4. Wall Spotlights

Spotlights are not just for ceilings; they can also be put to walls. To create downward flowing washes, you can recess them in an uneven wall surface or a false wall. You should be able to turn some of them on at a time instead of altogether.

This allows more flexibility because you can adjust the look based on the mood you want to create or the time of day. Another good approach to take is adding wall-mounted rack lighting. This is the perfect choice if you want to draw attention to certain features (wall art, decorative objects, etc.) in your living room.

5. Low-Profile Wall-Mounted Fittings

There’s a lighting design called the invisible wash that you can apply if your living room has a false ceiling. You can create a wall wash from behind it so as not to see the source of the light. One way of doing this is by pointing the fittings from behind the ceiling onto the wall with the light wash running downwards, creating a mysterious look.

If that is not practical, you can use low-profile wall-mounted fittings to achieve a similar effect. There are plenty of wall fittings that can produce the same effect without spending a fortune. Simply explore the lighting specialty shops in your area as they surely carry this kind of low-profile fittings.

6. LED Spotlights

If you wish to highlight the minimalist décor in your living room, you can’t go wrong with the soft lighting of LED lights. You can choose small and low-watt LED bulbs and make them merge with the ceiling. With a meticulously done distribution of spotlights, you can create a harmonious atmosphere in the room and make it feel delicate.

Another great thing about LED lights is that they do not produce heat, making them the perfect choice for the space you often spend your time to relax. These lights also consume less energy and are long-lasting. They come in different power, so you can choose according to the space you want to highlight and the size of the rooms.

The general rule of thumb is to install higher voltages lights in socially active areas and lower voltage ones in the private space to soften it up. Even a tiny LED bulb should be sufficiently bright to illuminate a room. In the busier parts of your home, like the kitchen, their soft lights perfectly frame the furniture and create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

How to Choose Wall Lights?

With the multitude of wall lights available today, choosing the right lighting fixture for your home may seem confusing. When you go to your nearest lighting specialty shop, you will most likely encounter uplights, downlights, swing arm lights, and picture lights, among others.

Here are some of the basic types you should be familiar with to help narrow down your choice:

  • Uplights – They provide a wash of light up a wall and are the perfect choice for accent and atmosphere.
  • Downlights – They illuminate the ground below and may accent walls, too.
  • Picture lights – As their name would suggest, they are used to draw attention to pictures and artwork.
  • Swing arm lights – These fixtures have adjustable components, giving you the flexibility to bring the light to you.

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