7 Reasons You Should Get LED Table Lights Now

LED Table Lights

Is your home office looking plain and uninteresting? You might want to beautify it with a sleek LED table light. LED bulbs for table or desk lamps are now becoming increasingly popular—and for good reasons.

Thanks to their functionality and flexibility, many homeowners prefer LED table lights over the traditional incandescent light bulbs. You’re missing out on the good stuff if you haven’t joined the trend of using these highly flexible and functional interior decors yet.

And because we think these lights are so chic and a definite must-have, we listed these reasons why LED table lights should be in everyone’s shopping list.

Safe for the environment

LED table and desk lights have a lot of upsides, but this reason is enough to declare them a world champion: they’re environment-friendly. With the climate crisis right now, switching to LED table lamps is definitely an ethical choice.

LED lights are mainly designed for efficiency. Case in point: they produce less carbon compared to their fluorescent counterparts. If you’re wondering how this is possible, it’s because LED table lamps do not emit UV or infrared.

Additionally, they do not use lead and mercury like the standard bulbs. They don’t have the fragile, hazardous filament, so they’re better for the environment and much safer too.

If you’re looking for a more environmentally safe choice, then a LED table lamp is the one for you.

Saves energy

In addition to being environment-friendly, LED lights also consume less energy. They don’t use up much electricity to operate. As an effect, they don’t rack up the bills as much as the traditional alternatives do. You can keep your LED table lamp on for hours, and your electricity bills won’t increase exponentially.

Compared to other bulbs that emit light and heat in all directions, LED lamps only emit light in a specific direction. This reduces the waste of light and energy.

They also reduce the labour and maintenance costs in commercial situations since the bulbs don’t have to be replaced. You get to save energy and money – now that’s a win!

Generates less heat

LED also produces very minimal heat, unlike standard bulbs. Working for a long time beneath a lamp with a traditional bulb may cause headache or eye strain because of the heat generated by the light.

This heat may also cause people to lose their concentration when working or studying. But with a LED table light in your study, you won’t feel as bad as it doesn’t produce much heat.

If you’re using a standard fluorescent lamp and feel a headache after studying or reading for some time, that might be the sign for you to switch to a LED table light.

Gives off better light

Instead of generating headache-inducing heat, LED table lamps give off better light. An LED desk lamp has directional lighting capabilities, which means it gives very bright and clear light in a single direction.

They’re better than any traditional desk lamp as they provide a whitish colour light that’s similar to daylight. LED table lights make your study or reading sessions at night better.

Has a dimmable feature

Most desk lamps nowadays have a dimmable feature that allows you to adjust the brightness level exactly as you need for your reading, studying, writing or other activities.

If you prefer to change the lamp’s brightness level, you can do so with dimmers that control the light intensity. With just a simple tweak, you can instantly change the light brightness level if you think that the brightness level is too high for your need.

Has a long lifespan

In terms of lifespan, LED lights are far ahead of the race. Compared to any other traditional lights, LED lights have an outstanding operational life time and can last 30,000 to 50,000 hours. That’s a long time if we talk about it in years.

LED lights rated 50,000 hours last 50 times longer than a typical incandescent, 20 to 25 times longer than a typical halogen, and 8 to 10 times longer than typical compact fluorescent lamps. It doesn’t matter how many hours you use your table light in a day, because it’s guaranteed to last for more than a decade.

How is this possible, you must be wondering? LED lights don’t have any filament, so there is nothing to change or alter. They can keep performing for a long time, even with frequent switching on and off.

What’s more, LED table lights are built with aluminium and plastic. They don’t use glass or ceramic, which means there is less risk of breakage if they fall on the floor.

Comes with unique design options

You will never run out of options because LED table lights are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours and designs. You have all the freedom to find the style that best suits your needs.

You can fit it nearly anywhere in your house and enhance its interior. Most modern table lights today have touch-sensitive base controls and adjustable necks, allowing you to change the lighting direction and height. They’re also lightweight and small in size, so you won’t have to sacrifice functionality for style.

Why use a LED table light?

It’s important to have proper lighting while working at your desk. Whether you’re reading, writing, studying, drawing or sewing, an LED table lamp will provide enough light and protect your eyes. You won’t strain your eyes from too low or too much light.

It can also increase your productivity as it keeps your concentration in place. No harsh light disrupting you during intense work or study sessions.

Using an LED desk lamp has a lot of advantages as listed above. When it comes to style, functionality, durability, longevity and comfort, an LED table lamp is your most reliable choice. Not to mention, it won’t break the bank. So, why not add it to your shopping list now?

Galaxy Lighting: Providing Smart and Stylish Lighting Solutions

It’s time for you to make the switch to smart, durable, and eco-friendly lighting choices. Here at Galaxy Lighting, we provide stylish and functional LED table lights that are perfect for any reading room, desk and working space.

Check out our online catalogue today. To learn more about our products and services, please feel free to contact us at (09) 443 2486 or (022) 072 8090. You may also email your lighting enquiries to us via info@galaxylighting.co.nz.

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