A Quick and Helpful Guide on Outdoor Lights

outdoor lights

Front lawns, gardens, landscapes – these slices of nature in our homes are what keep us relaxed, healthy, and inspired. We may not always notice it, but our outdoors do so much for us; they are what makes a home a proper sanctuary, a break from the busy urban jungle that is the city. So, if you have and maintain a natural lush outdoor space, you will do well to spruce it up using outdoor lights!

With natural light taking care of your outdoors’ illumination in the daytime, you want to create its nighttime counterpart. If your outdoors look bright and vibrant under the sunlight, outdoor lights can help you evoke an elegant, even contemplative mood when the moon takes its place in the sky. As soon as you achieve this yin and yang effect, you’ll start living every day feeling fully supported by the beauty that is your outdoor space.

If you’re looking to set up your outdoor lighting, here is a quick guide on outdoor lights.

Types of Outdoor Lights

There are different types of outdoor lights, and each has their unique purpose. When thinking about your outdoor lighting design, make sure you have a steady blend of illumination from the following light fixtures:


Uplights are small to medium-sized lights that are mounted at ground level. They face upward, illuminating the landscape element right above it. The types of uplights include wash lights, floodlights, well lights, and spotlights.

You can place uplights along your row of bushes, right under a small tree, or right by a garden sculpture.

Wall Lights

As the name suggests, wall lights are mounted onto any vertical surface. So, for outdoors, you could install wall lights in your deck or patio. If you normally entertain guests in these areas, you will love the ambience that wall lights create.

Stairway Lights

Stairway lights are mounted right below each step. Not only do these lights allow someone to see where they are going to as they ascend or descend stairs, stairway lights also produce a dramatic effect, especially when looked at from afar.

Porch Lights

Porch lights resemble semi-flush lights in that they are attached to your porch ceiling by a 3 to 5-inch rod. During the nighttime, porch lights help create an inviting ambience, but during the daytime, the light fixtures themselves can offer great visuals.

String Lights

These are what make your garden look Instagrammable in an instant! String lights are characterised by individual bulbs arranged along a string. Typically, you attach the ends to a surface (beams, walls, or trees) using a staple gun. You can have them suspended over a picnic table and voila – you have yourself a romantic alfresco dinner.

Pendant Lights

If you have a patio, you can have a pendant light hang from the canopy. This is a gorgeous way to decorate your patio; just like porch lights, the fixture itself can blend with other design elements such as your landscape or your outdoor furniture. At night, its illumination helps set a mood that inspires conversation.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Lights

Safety first

The basic function of outdoor lights, of course, is to help you see enough at night when you’re outdoors. You obviously want your family or your guests to feel comfortable walking around outside.

This is extra important for households with children. You can keep an eye on them every second of the day, but you might feel more assured of their safety when you know that your outdoors are well-lit and they decide to sneak in some playtime after dark.

So, when choosing outdoor lights, try and see if an item offers just enough illumination to help you see (but it does not actually have to mimic daylight.)

Outdoor lighting is all about ambience

The main – and some would say the only – purpose of building a beautiful outdoor space is so you have a sanctuary to retreat to. Natural elements like your plants and flowers can instantly put you at ease – it’s their natural, no-fail effect on the human mind.

A patio is the best place to read a book. A garden is the best place to meditate. A balcony is the best place to have an easy conversation with friends or family. Your outdoor space supports activities like these, and your outdoor lighting should be able to serve that purpose as well.

So, when making your choices, think about the vibe you’re looking to create. You want to lean a little more onto warm yellows, as these are the most excellent at creating an inviting ambience. For spaces such as patios or porches, you might also want to consider fixtures that have a diffuser, if you don’t want the illumination to be too sharp.

Pay attention to the design of the fixtures

What’s great about interior lighting design is that the designs of the fixtures themselves allow them to serve as decorative pieces during the daytime. So, consider your home’s overall interior design theme.

Is it a classic suburban home? A modern, Japanese zen-inspired house? Or, are you making big changes in your interior design so you create a whole new ambience – say, a tropical vibe? Choose light fixtures that blend well with other design elements in your house. This is the fun part – get your creative juices flowing as you make your choices!

Consider LED

Whatever type of light or design you choose, you want to make sure that the bulbs themselves are of high quality. LED is the best choice available in the market today. It lasts years, expends significantly less energy than its counterparts (great for your budget!), and is friendlier to the environment. LED lights also offer excellent illumination – yes, despite the minimal amount of energy it uses.

If you’d like to save on energy while getting the best out of your lighting design, LED would be great for you.

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