Beautify Your Outdoor Space with These Lighting Ideas

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You know it’s time to consider revamping your backyard living areas when the days become longer and start to warm up. One easy way to beautify your outdoor space is to add lighting like LED garden lights so that you can eat, relax, and reconnect with your loved ones after the sun goes down. Here, we’ve gathered some lighting ideas to inspire your outdoor space upgrade, so read on.

1. Adding volume using pendant lights

If you have a pergola or garden dining area, you can upgrade it into a chic al fresco dining spot by adding pendant lights. Pendant lights come in different shapes and sizes, and you can add any type that suits your preference. With pendant lights, you can add both colour and a chic vibe to your garden dining area.

2. Creating a bohemian charm with candles and lanterns

Lighting an outdoor space with temporary lights couldn’t be easier. You can use lanterns and candles. Try to mix and match lanterns in a variety of shapes and materials if you want to go for a smart look that doesn’t look too formal.

Or, for a more bohemian look, you can drape twinkly lights through trees, pots, and baskets, or wrap them around arbours and arches. Some party lights, however, need to be brought when it starts raining, so you want to go for the ones that can be left outside all time.

Using improvised lights also works wonders. What’s more, improvised lights are very environmentally friendly and only cost mere pennies. If you have tealights, you can use them en masse by putting them in old baked-bean cans or jars.

3. Blending garden lighting into the landscape

Another creative idea you can try is blending lighting into hedging or other soft/hard landscaping you have in your garden. This will create ambience and make for a chic outdoor space like no other. You’ll be pleased with how dreamy things will look when you weave garden lighting into your landscape.

4. Suspending festoon lights above the outdoor dinner table

Have you thought of adding festoon lights yet? There’s not an outdoor space out there that you can’t instantly transform into a romantic nook with this classic outdoor lighting idea. Strings of festoon lights suspended above your dining area create a magical ambience.

5. Upgrading an outdoor room with a garden floor lamp

A recent trend that allows you to blend indoor and outdoor décor is creating an outdoor room. If you already have all the festoon lights and want to try something quite different, then garden floor lamps in an outdoor room are the answer. This is very effective for making your outdoor space cosy come autumn.

6. Drawing attention with LED garden lights

Want to add interest to planting in a container garden after it gets dark? If you’re bored of spotlights or floodlights, then try sticking LED path lights into your containers. These lights add a subtle glow in the evenings and won’t look too shabby in the mornings.

7. Creating contrast with monochrome lighting

Monochrome never goes out of style in the fashion world. The same is true for monochromes for gardens. You can create an opulent contemporary design scheme by lighting a garden with shades of white and cream.

They also look great as a decking idea. Add some graphic black lanterns and pendants to break up the neutral space.

8. Emphasising height with string lights

If your property is blessed with a large garden and a tall canopy, then emphasise height with a cascade of string lights. To make the most of your garden’s spaciousness, hang some string of lights. This creates a shimmering, cascading effect that is a pure treat for the eyes.

9. Experimenting with path lights

Path lights aren’t necessarily boring and non-descript. You can choose path lights with novelty designs that’ll draw attention to your borders and add more character to your garden path. Cube-shaped path lights, for instance, add warmth and texture to a garden path, making dim or steep walkways easier to use.

If you wish to increase your perception of living space, try making your garden visible at night. This will guarantee that you enjoy the garden year-round, no matter the weather.

10. Adding an exotic vibe with Moroccan garden lanterns

Depending on what style they are, you can create many different looks with garden lanterns. You have nautical lanterns as your classic choice, but if you’re looking for something that gives off an exotic vibe, then try Moroccan-inspired garden lanterns. They will cast beautiful shadows on your patio and create a mysterious and intimate atmosphere.

11. Adorning trees with string lights

If autumn and winter are just around the corner, then this only means one thing: soon enough there won’t be any leaves left on trees. You can wrap fairy lights all around its trunk and thicker branches. This lighting idea is ideal for front gardens.

12. Uplighting mature trees for landscaping

For dramatic landscaping, you can uplight the mature trees in your garden, especially those with interesting bark. Position a 50-watt spotlight close to the base of the trunk to create maximum impact. The beam from the spotlight creates a play of shadow and shifting light up through the branches of the trees in your garden.

13. Using LED outdoor lights

LED lights are popular for many reasons. For one, they are particularly useful for long cable runs. As for recessed spots, in paving and decking, in step lights, and even under water spouts and fountains—they can be used almost anywhere. LED outdoor lights come in different colours, and some of them can even be programmed based on your preferred colour to suit the mood.

While you have to pay more for LED light fitting, the price is offset by the bulbs as they last longer than standard ones. The fittings for these lights are also more discreet. In areas where a distinct style or focus is required, permanently coloured lights are best used in moderation.

Looking for LED garden lights?

So, these are the top lighting ideas that you can try to beautify your outdoor space. From LED garden lights to spotlights and flood lights, we at Galaxy Lighting have what you’re looking for. Check out our collection of lights.

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