Benefits of Choosing Modern LED Pendant Lights

Modern LED pendant lights are quickly becoming more and more popular among homeowners and interior designers. Whether you are looking to spruce up a kitchen, office, or even a bathroom, a pendant light can instantly add charm to your space.

If you are planning a renovation or are about to build a new space, you want to consider adding pendant lights to your indoor lighting plan – LED ones, specifically. In this article, learn all about LED pendant lights and why they deserve a spot in your indoors.

Modern LED Pendant Lights

First of all, what are pendant lights?

A pendant light is a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling, suspended by a rod or chain. It is sometimes referred to as a drop light or a suspender, but the term ‘pendant’ is a quicker way to recall this type of light fixture as its design resembles a pendant on a necklace.

Today’s interior design-savvy people have placed pendant lights where there previously were simple overhead lights (which, quite frankly, made a space look as if it was purpose-built and not one that reflects the imagination and personality of the owner!)

Benefits of Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights can often be better at illuminating a space

Most of the time, pendants are used as task lighting. Task lights are those that illuminate a space where you have to see as clearly as possible to perform tasks. This is why pendant lights are most commonly placed above benchtops, work desks, and bars.

It can provide more light due to the angle and position at which it is placed – it hangs much lower than ceiling level and, therefore, works as though it was a bigger, ceiling-suspended desk lamp. The shades and the light bulb also contribute to this feature: the wider the shade, the wider the light coverage; the brighter the bulb, the brighter the space becomes overall.

Pendant lights can also create a good ambience

Because pendant lights are versatile and adaptable, you can use them for ambient lighting as well. Contrary to task lighting, ambient lighting refers to layers of light that create a mood within a space. Choose pendant lights that emit a warmer glow or have a narrower shade, and you can achieve a dramatic, even romantic effect in your space.

Pendant lights are also decorative items

All light fixtures can be decorative items if you choose the right design and are creative with where you place them in your space. However, there is nothing quite like the pendant light in terms of grabbing attention. Because of where they are placed in your home, they can grab attention immediately: when a guest looks up and around, one of the first things they will see are your pendant lights.

Pendant lights come in all sorts of designs. Whatever your interior design style is – minimalist, rustic, zen, geometric, or what have you have in mind – there is guaranteed to be a pendant light designed specifically for those styles. Choose a pendant light with upcycled glass as its shade and repolished metal as its rod and you achieve that rustic vibe. Or, choose a matte-coloured pendant light with a rounded shade, and it’ll fit right in in your minimalist-inspired space.

Benefits of LED lights

LEDs last longer than other types of light

LED offers a whopping 35,000 to 50,000 hours of use compared to fluorescent’s 24,000 to 36,000, CFL’s 8,000 to 20,000, incandescent’s 750 to 2,000, and halogen’s 2,000 to 4,000. This is because LED does not burn out as much as these other types of light do – it has a lower lumen depreciation rate over time.

LED uses less energy and has low heat levels, which is why it can last so many hours. It is helpful to note, though, that LED bulbs on the cheaper side of the LED price spectrum, generally average at 5,000 hours, but that is still 3,000 hours longer than an incandescent bulb’s best effort.

LED is more energy efficient

An LED bulb has a high lumen output per watt rate. This means that it emits powerful illumination using only a small amount of actual power. LEDs can turn 70 percent of energy into light, as compared to other types of light which mostly convert energy into as much as or more heat than light. For comparison, a 6-watt LED bulb can produce the same amount of light that a 40-watt incandescent bulb produces. Plus, they do not heat up so quickly, so they are always safe to use.

LED’s energy efficiency also helps you as the owner of a space to conserve energy and therefore pay less when the bills come around.

LED is the environmentally friendly option

LED does not contain toxic mercury and produces significantly less CO2, sulphur oxide, and nuclear waste. LED bulbs are also recyclable, so after using them for years and years, you will not be worried about where they could end up. LED therefore is good for you and the environment. You get to enjoy a well-lit space while also consciously making a sustainable choice.

Putting these together

Choosing modern LED pendant lights means that:

  • You get gorgeous light fixtures adorning your home.
  • You can perform tasks more efficiently with task pendant lights.
  • You enjoy a soothing and welcoming ambience with ambient pendant lights.
  • You experience these benefits daily for years because of how long LED lights last.

LED lights also have exceptional colour range, which means that you can freely choose whether you want your pendants to be task lights (brighter whites) or ambient lights (warmer tones.) Pendant lights also work best when the bulbs are LED; you are likely going to be using them a lot as they are best placed in common areas.

All in all, choosing pendant lights that have LED bulbs are great options in terms of design, functionality, and energy efficiency.

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