Cost-Effective Glamour: Benefits of LED Chandeliers

LED chandelier

Have you always wanted to add a chandelier to your space but are hesitant because you are worried about the cost? Here’s a solution you might be interested in: the LED chandelier. LED chandeliers are quickly becoming more and more popular today, and for all the best reasons.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of chandeliers and LED lighting, and we bring those two together to make a case for LED chandeliers.

Why add a chandelier to your space?

A chandelier is just gorgeous.

Perhaps the most obvious reason why one would add a chandelier to a space is to add flair and elegance to it. Chandeliers never fail to do that. History has proven so – rooms in castles of royals or homes of the most elite families in the past had chandeliers, as it was considered both a design element popular in the time and a status symbol as well.

Chandeliers have held this reputation until today – even when most of them do not cost millions of dollars anymore. Today, everything from grand hotels to suburban homes has chandeliers in them, and they are consistently gorgeous and classy wherever they are put.

A chandelier can create a welcoming ambience.

Chandeliers usually give off warm white or yellow illumination. They can be placed anywhere because they set the mood in a space. You can have one in your living room, where you usually receive guests. Or, you can have one in your dining room, to make your daily dining experience feel as fine as can be. You can even add a smaller, simpler chandelier in your bedroom to glam it up.

Chandeliers come in different designs.

Some people think chandeliers are not for them because they are not a fan of the way it looks: they say it is too fancy for a simple home. If this sounds like you, you will be pleased to know that today’s chandeliers actually come in different designs. The modern chandeliers, especially the LED chandelier, are a lot sleeker and simpler in terms of design: no sparkly strings or sophisticated crystal arrangements. If you prefer a more subtle-looking chandelier, that will not be hard to find at all.

A chandelier doubles as a decorative element.

Light fixtures, such as pendant lights, wall sconces, floor lamps, and chandeliers, double as a decorative element. This means the design of the fixture itself improves the aesthetic of the space in the same way furniture does.

So, for example, if you are going for a chic or dramatic look in your living room, a chandelier that offers the same vibe will seal that mood in place. Or, if you are going for a more modern approach, the cool shapes of an LED chandelier allow it to serve as both a light source and an art piece.

Why choose an LED?

LED lights are energy efficient.

Homeowners and interior lighting designers look to LED lights for energy efficiency. LED lights are better at using energy than fluorescent or incandescent lights. The difference goes up to 80 percent. LED lights are able to use a minimal amount of energy while still producing bright, high-quality light. This is because LEDs convert 95 percent of its energy into light, with only 5 percent wasted as heat. For comparison, a 36-watt LED light is able to produce the same brightness as an 84-watt fluorescent light.

LED lights help trim down your power costs.

If LED lights can produce more light for less energy, this means that less electricity is being used. Your wallet will appreciate this as this means you are able to cut down on electricity costs significantly.

What this also means is that because you are spending less on electricity for your existing interior lighting, you are free to add more to your space! You can keep your chandelier on for longer periods of time, or you can add other complementary lights such as step lights or down lights. Using LED therefore allows you to get more creative because you can create more room in your budget.

LED lights last longer.

LED lights have a long lifespan, which is up to six times longer than traditional lights. This is another reason why it is cost-effective. Because you do not have to spend for replacements until after a good number of years, you get to enjoy your chandeliers and other LED lights knowing you went for a value-for-money purchase. No matter what type of lights you choose or what colour they emit, as long as they are LED, you are all set up for success.

LED lights do not contain any toxic elements.

Traditional lights such as fluorescent lights may contain toxic elements such as mercury. When exposed to the environment, mercury can become extremely harmful to humans and plants. It can contaminate water and soil when it ends up in a landfill or generally disposed of. Humans who come into contact with mercury may also face health risks. This simply does not happen with LED.

Bringing two and two together

An LED chandelier offers cost-effective glamour because it offers aesthetic, function, and energy efficiency. A chandelier emits warm or bright illumination that serves as either main or ambient lighting in a space. The design of chandeliers, especially modern ones, allows it to serve as a space’s centrepiece – its crowning jewel, so to speak.

And even with these aesthetic benefits, you will not have to worry too much about the cost of maintaining this beauty if the chandelier you choose is LED. LED is the most energy=efficient type of light in the market today. Fortunately, for today’s homeowners, you can enjoy the benefits of good lighting and smart energy management with options like LED.

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