How Ceiling Lights Improve Your Space

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When choosing ceiling lights, you would get the best results if you take your sweet time picking out the best one. All too often, when people shop for ceiling lights in NZ, they pick out whichever offers enough brightness to cover their whole space. They view ceiling lights purely for its basic function, which is to essentially help one see where they are going.

However, if you spend a little more time thinking beyond its basic function and consider factors such as lighting design, fixture design, and other creative aspects of indoor lighting, you will find just how joyous of a process it is! Switching on your ceiling lights for the first time would be a unique experience then.

How do ceiling lights improve your space? If you are looking to learn more about ceiling lights before you shop for one, this article might just help you out.

First of all, what exactly are ceiling lights?

Well, as the name suggests, ceiling lights are mounted on your ceiling, and they are often the main source of illumination in a space. However, when it comes to ceiling lights, you are spoilt for choice! There are different types of ceiling lights. When shopping for ceiling lights in NZ, you might encounter the following types at the shop:

  • Flush lights – are typically rounded with a flat base and can be mounted onto the ceiling. The ceiling lights you usually see in living rooms or bedrooms are called flush lights. There is a light fixture that looks the same. And it is connected to the ceiling by a 4 to 8-inch rod. It is called a semi-flush light.
  • Recessed lights – also called pot or can lights. Recessed lights are mounted inside the ceiling such that the bulb itself looks as though it’s just a part of the ceiling. Usually, recessed lights are smaller than flush lights, and are assembled as a row of multiple lights.
  • Hanging ceiling lights – these are ceiling lights that are suspended from the ceiling. Examples include pendants, mini-pendants, and chandeliers. Hanging ceiling lights often provide ambient or task lighting.
  • Track lighting – In a track light fixture, smaller bulbs line up along a horizontal rod which is then mounted onto the ceiling. What’s great about track and rail lights is you can adjust the direction of each individual light, which is great for high-activity spaces like your kitchen or your home studio.
  • Utility lighting – simple, no-fuss rectangular light fixtures that offer bright illumination and can cover a wide space. Utility lighting is perfect for spaces such as your garage, where you would often do DIY projects or minor repairs on a broken item.

How ceiling lights improve your space

Aside from helping you see better at night, how else can ceiling lights improve your home living experience?

The right ceiling lights will highlight your home’s interior decoration.

As interior designers or interior design enthusiasts would tell you, all the elements of your home interior design should come together in harmony. One of the most important of these elements is your ceiling lights – and some would argue that it’s the most important. Your choice of flush light, for example, should be able to cover every corner of your space such that every design element is accounted for.

You can highlight special areas using ceiling lights.

Speaking of interior design elements, if there are a few areas you are especially proud of, use ceiling lights to lead your guest’s attention to them. Track lights and recessed lights do this excellently.

If you want to highlight your family pictures, prized art pieces, awards, or memorabilia, install a track light above the area. Or, if you own a gorgeous sculpture or any other decorative piece whose shadow is as gorgeous as the item itself, your track or recessed light can create that effect in the absence of daytime natural light.

Your choice of light colour sets the purpose of the space.

Have you ever felt a bit unsettled in a space because you experienced a mix of feelings when you walked in? More often than not, that’s due to the lighting. Since ceiling lights are often the main illumination source, they play an important role in setting the purpose of the space.

A bright white flush light and you nudge people into alertness and action. Conversely, pendant lights that give off a warm yellow tone will create a relaxing mood. This means, therefore, that you can encourage different types of activities in different sections of your home, depending on your ceiling lights. Set an inviting mood in your dining room with warm yellows, or get into productive mode at the garage with a standard white utility light.

Ceiling lights allow you to be more productive.

In the same vein, a mix of light sources in one space can further set its purpose in stone. For example, in your home office or your work station in your apartment, you can set up a task pendant light right above it so you can see what you’re working on. This has a direct effect on your brain: our eyes are naturally attracted to light, so if you can train it towards your task at hand, you’ll have a much better workday.

The light fixture itself can be a decorative element.

The design of the light fixture itself falls under interior design themes as well. If you have a minimalist-type home, for example, you will love pendant lights with a sleek, no-nonsense design. If you’re more on the daintier side, you can opt for vintage-style semi-flush lights.

Not only do these emphasise your space’s overall design theme, bthey also make a great opportunity for you to enjoy the creative journey that’s involved in putting together a unique space.

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