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outdoor lighting

Outdoor lights are some of the best things you can add to your property. While they may look a lot simpler than other types of light fixtures, they really are able to provide the oomph that your property needs. Place them on your lawn and you instantly improve your home’s kerbside appeal. Place them in your garden and you get to emphasise its best qualities. Learn about outdoor lighting in this article.

What are outdoor lights?

These are light fixtures that you can place in your garden, patio, porch, or lawn. They produce a warm, romantic, inviting ambience, and homes that have them really get a boost. They are also incredibly useful for helping you see where you are going at night; installing quality outdoor lighting is as much an aesthetic choice as well as a functional one.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, designing your outdoor lighting is always a great opportunity to tap into your creativity too. With outdoor lighting, you can emphasize one specific section of your landscape, create a sprawling evening glow, or simply illuminate areas where people are likely to trip or fall due to the darkness.

Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures and Their Uses

Wall Lights

Perhaps the most common type would be wall lights. Also referred to as wall sconces, wall lights are directly mounted onto the wall and its illumination would cover a specific section of the wall. Wall sconces are versatile because they can be mounted onto any surface vertically. They would be great additions to your deck, patio, stairway, or pathway.

Every home should have at least one set of wall lights. Each wall light would definitely pack a punch. Not only will they help you see if you need to be outside at night, they also add some charm to your exteriors. View the results from afar and you will truly see the difference they make.


Uplights are lights that you can mount on the ground, with the bulb facing up. Uplights are usually placed underneath a bush, tree, a bunch of flowers, a plant, or any other section of your landscape that you would like to put emphasis on. If you have a prized sculpture or other decorative element there, you also want to put uplights underneath them so that they can continue to steal the show even at night.

Uplights are incredibly important because they help you make the most out of your landscape. If it took so much time and effort to create and maintain the garden or lawn that you currently have, you want to make sure that its beauty is seen day in and day out!

Porch Lights

Porch lights are quite simple and straightforward, but they truly add kerbside appeal to your home. Plus, the design of the light fixture itself can become an aesthetic choice for you. If you are going for a more minimalist approach, there are porch lights with sleeker, solid-colour designs. If you want to go for a country or vintage vibe, you will also definitely be happy with what you will find as there are many of those available today.

Step Lights

Step lights are those recessed lights that can be mounted into the steps of your stairway. Some are circular, others rectangular, others are mounted at the wall by the staircase and not the steps, and some may even be designed to line each step instead.

Step lights can help prevent trips and falls – if you or a guest can’t see well, the step lights can serve as a visual guide for when one is walking up or down your outdoor staircase. They also add a bit of drama and romance to your staircase as well.

Decorative Lights

Light fixtures such as pendant lights or track lights may also be placed outdoors. They would be awesome additions to an outdoor patio or deck. You would need illumination for these areas anyway, so why not add a light fixture that also adds to its total aesthetic appeal? Your guests would definitely love and appreciate good lighting in areas where you entertain. Plus, your homemade intimate dinners can become extra special.

Tips for buying outdoor lights

Prioritise areas that need to have lights added urgently

When it comes to choosing outdoor lighting, you want to consider the safety of the people in your home first. Prioritise lights that can be placed in areas that really require basic illumination. Place wall lights first in your backyard or garden area. You should also never leave your porch un-illuminated, as not only would that be a safety risk, it may also make burglars or other criminals think that your home is an easy target.

Always keep your landscape in mind

Outdoor lighting should be able to bring out the best in your landscape. It should be a team player in that sense. Most outdoor lighting fixtures have simple and unassuming designs, and that is because it is the warm illumination it provides to your outdoor space that is the real role they serve. Additionally, you may also put in more effort to beautify and maintain your outdoor landscape, as this would be the real star of the show both in the day and night time.

Invest in quality

Outdoor lighting fixtures will constantly be exposed to the elements. Even when they will only be turned on at night, the lights themselves need to be resilient. When you go shopping for them, make sure to focus on quality. You want these lights to last as long as possible, with only minimal maintenance over the years. Choosing LED lights will also help you save on energy costs as LED is more efficient in terms of expending energy. So, choosing quality lights will really help you save in the long run.

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