Pendant Lights and How to Make the Most of Them

Homeowners and interior designers alike consider pendant lights to be their go-to choice for home light fixtures. Not only is pendant lighting excellent at illuminating a space, but a pendant light fixture’s design itself serves as a nice creative touch that any space would benefit from. Pendant lights make a real statement in a space, often serving as a charming accent that guests will not miss as they walk in.

If you are curious about pendant lights or are planning on shopping for pendant lights in NZ, this article is for you. Read on to learn about pendant lights and how you can make the most of them.


What Are Pendant Lights?

A pendant light is a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. It is suspended by a chain, cord, or metal rod. Pendant lights often serve as task lights, which are light fixtures that provide direct illumination over a specific area within a space. Task lighting improves one’s concentration and alertness. You can hang a task pendant light over your workspace to help you work better, or over your kitchen island to help you focus as you prepare food.

However, if you prefer that your pendant light provides a warm, soft glow, it may serve as ambient light. Ambient light is a light fixture that helps create a relaxing and welcoming environment within a space. That is why ambient lighting is also referred to as “mood lighting” — it directly sets the mood. Ambient pendant lighting often hangs over dinner tables, as it encourages both sensory engagement and good conversation among people sharing a meal together.

When chosen and installed right, pendant lights become charming accents in a space, in the same way jewellery brings out a person’s best features. When shopping for pendant lights in NZ, keep in mind the following tips:


How to Make the Most of Pendant Lights

When you’re designing the lighting for your home, it pays to be as thorough as possible. As soon as you see the finished product, you will realise what all the trouble is for: a truly pleasant space, both to look at and be in.


Examine your desired location first

Making the most of pendant lights starts even before you lay hands on your fixtures. Before you purchase them, study your desired location. If you have a large space, you should get pendants that have wider shades. If your space is more constricted, pendants that have more slender shades might work better. While beautiful pendants will certainly capture attention no matter what size their shades are, you want your pendants to complement your space instead of dominate it.

The rule of thumb concerning pendant lights is that the rims of their shades should be about 60 to 70 inches from the floor. If you plan on installing a row of pendants, they should be within 20 to 30 inches of each other. Account for the space that your pendants will take beforehand so that they fit in seamlessly when you install them.


Think about the experience you want to have in that space

Your choice for pendants should depend on the function of your space. For workspaces and countertops, you want pendants that emit a bright light. For dining rooms, breakfast nooks, or living room corners, you want your pendant to provide a relaxing glow.

To make the most of the light that your pendant emits, consider all the elements in your space. The colour and design of your furniture, the way you decorate your space – all this contributes to the overall experience you will have in your illuminated space. All these elements, including your pendant, should complement one another.


Factor in your home’s overall interior design

Beyond elements like shade, light spectrum, and light warmth or colour, your light fixture’s design itself is equally important. In fact, some homeowners and designers consider the light fixture’s design to be the main factor in choosing a pendant. After all, pendant lights are turned off half the time, so it makes sense to choose pendants that serve as awesome decorative items in the daytime.

Pendant lighting offers a wide array of options in terms of design. If your home’s interior design already includes attention-grabbing elements, opt for a sleek, minimalist pendant to balance it out. Conversely, if you have a neat and simple home, you can opt for stylish pendant lights like vintage, retro, or industrial pendant lights to add a nice, trendy statement in your space.

Also, be mindful of colour and texture: make sure your fixtures’ features don’t clash with your home’s existing design elements.


Get creative

Today, many homeowners want to take the DIY route. Do-it-yourself is not only the more cost-effective option, but it is also the best way for you to bring out your unique vision for your space. All you will need from your lighting shop is the bulb and the rod or chain. Then, you can cover the bulb with a DIY shade or whatever cover you choose to make. Here are a few examples:

    • Old wine glasses or mason jars
    • A fluff of pillow cotton (to create a floating cloud pendant light)
    • Repurposed old paint cans, baskets, or even old globes (like the ones from your elementary school science class)

Consider cost and energy-saving options

Pendant lights are charming and pretty, until they become difficult to maintain. That is why it is important to choose the option that saves you the most energy. Many homeowners today choose LED lights instead of traditional lights. LED generally lasts longer and is more energy-efficient. They also emit less heat.

If you want to save time and money on maintenance, consider choosing LED. If your light fixture comes with an existing non-LED bulb, you can always ask your lighting shop to switch it out.


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