The Wonders You’ll Find at a Lighting Shop

If you are looking for a lighting shops to redecorate your home, your first idea is most likely to add new decorative items or accessories, repaint your walls, or even buy new pieces of furniture. You will be surprised to know that what would really make a huge difference in your interior design is the one element that most people take for granted: lighting.  


You do not have to buy new items to make your space look new. You simply have to enhance what you already have by shining a light on them, literally. The next time you visit lighting shops in Auckland, check out the following items and add them to your space. 

Pendant Lights  

Also referred to as drop lights or suspenders, pendant lights are light fixtures that hang from the ceiling and are suspended by a chain or rod. Pendant lights work best in sets, so you will often see three or four pendant lights in one space. Pendant lights often hang over kitchen islands, dining room tables, bars, or even your home office or workspace.  


Pendant lights offer task lighting, which means they are meant to help you see better as you perform tasks. This explains why they are famously placed on top of a kitchen island, as home cooks need to see what they are doing every second of the process. Pendant lights also make a small space look more spacious because they emit a broad spectrum of light.  


What makes pendant lights stand out is not just their function as task lights; pendant lights have become a favourite creative option among interior designers and homeowners. Depending on the style and mood of your home, you can choose from classic and chic, rustic and vintage, or modern and minimalist designs. Pendant lights accentuate a space in the same way a pair of earrings accentuates a face.


Floor Lamp 

Put away your desk lamp and side table set and replace it with a floor lamp. Floor lamps are designed to stand tall and proud beside your couch or reading chair. Its height can range anywhere from four to six feet.  


What makes floor lamps popular is their ability to create the illusion of space. In the daytime, when it is not in use, the height and design of a floor lamp give your living room a more dramatic feel, like a lone but proud vine. In the nighttime, when in use, floor lamps illuminate the space at eye level, giving your space height as well as depth Lighting Shops 


Floor lamps can also provide ambient lighting. When blended with other sources of light in the room, it can help create a warm, cozy environment, perfect for relaxing after a long day. 


In terms of function, you will not regret getting a new floor lamp. You can have it stay at your living room for some time. When you feel it’s time for a change, you can move it to your bedroom or home office. Unlike other light fixtures, this one does not need to be bolted to the wall or ceiling, so you are absolutely free to move it around. 


Outdoor Lights  

How can you make your landscape stand out even after the sun sets? Simple: add outdoor lights. When you are shopping for outdoor lights, you will find that the fixtures themselves are quite simple, but it’s their effect on your landscape you should focus your attention on.  


Outdoor lights can provide illumination to your garden, making it come alive dramatically and beautifully at night. Depending on where you place them and the spectrum of light of the fixtures you choose, the overall illumination they produce can be a work of art itself. You can place fixtures in between plants, underneath trees or shrubs, or along your garden or lawn’s walkway.  


When it comes to outdoor lights, the key is good design, one that perfectly complements your existing landscape. Your outdoor lighting becomes the warm welcome that your dinner guests receive or your own “welcome home” greeting at the end of every day.  


So, make sure your design captures the effect you’re looking to have. As you shop at a Lighting Shops in Auckland, keep your landscape in mind, or better yet take photos of it before you head out to purchase your fixtures.


Bathroom Lights  

When you’re in the process of illuminating your house, don’t forget about the bathroom. Bathrooms deserve just as much attention as other spaces in the house. Inside the bathroom, one has their own little private moment in between hours of interaction outside, and that moment should definitely be a whole experience instead of just a short break.  


That’s what bathroom lights are for. With well-chosen bathroom lights, you give your bathroom an ambience of calmness and ease. 


When you have a reliable vanity light by your bathroom mirror, not only will you get a better view of your reflection, your bathroom will also feel more spaciousand not to mention stylish. A simple light fixture can make your bathroom look like it belongs in a hotel room. Such is the beauty of lighting: a simple touch of light can go a long way.


Spot Lights 

Spot lights add charm to a space by directing the eye towards your space’s unique features. For example, if you have picture frames or memorabilia on display, add a few spot lights to shine on them and your guests won’t miss what they shouldn’t be missing.  


You can also use spot lights as external lighting. When added just by the gable of your roof or right above your windows, they can help draw attention to your house at night. If you are particularly proud of your home exterior, spot lights can bring out your exterior’s best features.


All These and More Are Available at Galaxy Lighting 

If you’re looking for lighting shops in Auckland, look no further than Galaxy Lighting. Visit our website to view our full catalogue of light fixtures and accessories. For more information, call us at 09-4432486 or 022 0728090, or email us at You may also message us via our website’s contact form.

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