Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Lights

Contrary to popular belief, beautiful bathrooms are not just for hotels, resorts, or other fancy establishments. You, too, as a homeowner, can give your bathroom a luxurious feel. How? By simply changing up the lighting.

When you are renovating your bathroom, give your bathroom lights a little more serious thought. You will be surprised at just how much a bathroom can transform just by improving its lighting. In this article, you will find helpful tips for the next time you go shopping for bathroom light fixtures. Keep these in mind as you make your choices.

Identify your new light fixtures’ purposes

While light fixtures add drama and flair in any space, their main purpose still is to provide illumination, so start your decision-making process by identifying what you need. Not all light fixtures are created equal. Each one will serve a different purpose, especially in a bathroom. Before going out to buy bathroom lights, think about what you do in the bathroom and how new light fixtures can improve those tasks.

Of course, you would need recessed overhead lights to fill the whole space with light anytime the bathroom is in use. But you want to think about specific purposes as well. For example, if you do your makeup or groom before your bathroom mirror, you are going to need mirror lights so you can see your appearance as clearly as possible. Or if natural light is not available in your bathroom during the day, you are going to need a reliable bulb to help you see clearly.

But if you are not just improving your bathroom lighting and are actually conducting a whole bathroom renovation, consider placing a window that lets the natural light wash through your bathroom so you can maximise natural light. Not only does this save energy, natural light also provides ample illumination and drama.

Finally, think about the little touches of elegance you would want to add: ambient lighting (in the form of wall sconces, for example) or accent lighting (such as small spotlights that highlight specific design elements, like a piece of wall art if you have one.)

Consider your home’s overall interior design style

Even though the bathroom may neatly be tucked away in a corner down the hall, it should still blend seamlessly into your home’s overall vibe. When planning your bathroom lighting, you will do well not to isolate it from the rest of your home.

This tip particularly points not to the level of illumination or the purpose of the fixture, but the design of the light fixture itself. A Victorian-inspired wall sconce will look out of place in a house that is essentially toned-down chic. Conversely, if your house has a more ambitious interior design style but the bathroom’s light fixtures are simple, minimalist-looking ones, the light fixtures might cause the bathroom to simply look purpose-built.

Always keep your overall interior design style in mind when buying new bathroom lights. Your whole house should produce a sense of cohesiveness. Luckily for you, today’s lighting market offers all sorts of light fixtures. Whether you need task, ambient, or accent lighting, there’s guaranteed to be one that is made in the design that blends well with the rest of your interiors.

Having said that, try and make a statement

Yes, your bathroom should blend perfectly with the rest of your interiors, but if you want to be a little more creative, you can give your bathroom a little more personality.

Sure, the bathroom would not exactly be the most populated space you have at home – which is why most homeowners opt to concentrate their energy and resources on spaces like the living room, dining area, or patio – but wouldn’t it be nice to give your guests, your family, and most of all yourself, a memorable experience inside a space that most people only take for granted? Things that would have been so mundane – going for a quick bathroom break, taking a shower, brushing teeth, or what have you – can now be made a little more special as they gasp and marvel while using your bathroom.

You can make a statement by choosing light fixtures that would really grab attention: wall sconces, pendant or ceiling lights, or even a mini chandelier. Placing wall sconces beside or above your vanity mirror can offer a delicate balance to your vanity area while also minimising harsh shadows. Pendant lights, ceiling lights, chandeliers – lights that hang above the head – quickly become the centerpiece in a space while also offering a welcoming layer of ambient lighting.

The important thing here is to be as creative with your choices as possible. Once you see the results, you might just realise that your bathroom breaks take much longer than a break now because of how good you feel while you are in there!

Choose the bulb that has energy-saving properties

While your bathroom lights will not be turned on 24/7, it will still help you a great deal to choose bulbs that have energy-saving properties. The best example of this is LED. LED bulbs are currently the most energy efficient ones in the market. Even then, they still offer powerful illumination and more longevity. This is because LED lights use less power per unit of light, so they can serve their purpose for much longer. The fact that they use less power is also good news for the homeowner as this means a significant reduction in electricity costs.

On top of that, LED is also the green solution: they do not contain toxic mercury, which can potentially harm you and the environment both. LED bulbs are also fully recyclable and produce less CO2, sulfur oxide, and nuclear waste. With LED bathroom lighting, you get to enjoy your new beautiful bathroom while also making a positive contribution to the environment.

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