Wall Spot Lights: Beauty in the Details

wall spot lights

Are you looking for better ways to enhance your interior? This may not come off as a surprise to some creative cookies out there anymore, but a better way to lighten up any space is through wall spot lights. Sounds like a bright idea, does it?

Wall spot lights are exactly what they are: lights that light up your home. These little gems are so underrated that we felt the need to shine the spotlight on them in this post.

Read on to learn more about wall spot lights, how they can liven up space, and what to consider when choosing your own spot lights.

What are wall spot lights?

As the name would suggest, wall spot lights are a type of light fixture that is fixed to a wall. They’re a particular light source that produces a cone of light. These cones of light have their own volume when sent out by a spotlight.

The main features of these wall-mounted spotlights are the following:

-attached to a manual device that changes the intensity of the light

-come with a lens that can be manually focused

-equipped with an “iris” to adjust the angle of the beam

Wall-mounted spotlights are a bright idea for illuminating a particular object or group of objects that are located in this conical volume. More of these will be discussed in the succeeding sections.

Comes in Different Types

If you wish to focus the light in a certain direction in your room, wall-mounted spot lights are a brilliant choice. There is no shortage of possible locations where you can mount them. They can be used anywhere and everywhere, quite literally.

Not only that but they’re also available in many finishes, styles, sizes, and colours. From classic wall sconces to recessed lights to more modern flexible LED wall spot lights and track lighting, whatever type you choose to install is sure to liven up your kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Livens Up Your Space

Wall-mounted spot lights can bring style, functionality, and perfect layered lighting to your space. They can highlight specific areas of your bedroom and kitchen or wash a wall with light for a more indirect ambient effect. Here are some of the brilliant ways to use them in your home.

Unmatched Illumination

If you want to create a stunning recessed lighting scheme in your bedroom or study, you can install parallel fixtures that each have multiple spotlights. This gives so much flexibility in terms of the direction of the light. You can illuminate even the darkest corners of your room when you arrange the fixtures strategically or however you want them to be.

Great Alternative

You can say goodbye to more traditional bedside lamps or wall sconce. Wall-mounted spot lights offer such broad functional flexibility that you can even use them as bedside lighting. You can direct the fixture vertically for up- or down lighting, and voila!

You can get that ambient light that’s perfect for comfy reading in bed. If you have a small reading nook, you can also get your spot lights mounted there. Just direct the light toward your couch for the ambient light that’s ideal for reading a good book at night.

Minimalist Look

Minimalist homeowners use wall-mounted spot lights in monochrome colours to bring out the beauty in a simple living room. These lights can also liven up a spare kitchen.

If it’s a minimalist or industrial look you want for your space, you can never go wrong with a spotlight fixture with simple wood and metallic accents. Minimalist types of wall sconce are the superstars when it comes to any layered lighting scheme. They can add stylish functionality to any space.

Modern Touch

Wall-mounted spot lights with a sleek modern design are the perfect way to add a modern contrast to a more traditional setting. You can use one with an adjustable head for task lighting and mount it in all corners of your living room, your bedside or even directly on your headboard for added functionality.

If you have abstract paintings or sculpture in your room, you can use spotlights, including uplights and below-lights, to direct the eye toward the item. You can be sure that your guests will immediately take notice of the item you have on display.

Relaxing Ambience

If your space is mostly made of wood plank walls, you can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere with track-mounted spot lights. They throw illumination that brings out this particular warmth. Additionally, you can offset the wall washing light with recessed lights for the perfect amount of ambient light.

Softer, gentler light helps set the mood for whatever activity is on hand, whether it’s eating a nice dinner or enjoying fine wine with guests. Even if your space is a bit cluttered, the light can create that illusion of harmony.

What to Consider When Buying Spot Lights?

With the many finishes and types of spot lights available in the market today, you might get confused when buying one. Not to worry! Here are things you should consider when buying lights for your home.

  1. Size and formFirst things first, you have to narrow down your search by determining the size and form you need. Most spotlights online NZ today come with LED technology, so you will most probably come across these three types: MR, BR and PAR, followed by a two-digit number that indicates the bulb diameter in 1/8ths of an inch.MR types are the smallest, followed by the PAR type, and finally the BR.
  2. Colour temperatureThis is the number that describes how blue or yellow a light’s colour is. Here are the colour temperatures you can choose from:2700K – the same colours as the classic incandescent light bulb

    3000K – slightly bluer and similar to halogen bulb light colour

    4000K – “neutral white” as it is in the middle of the temperature scale, neither blue nor yellow

    Over 5000K – blueish (not recommended for standard residential applications)

  3. Beam angle 

    Another factor you should consider is the shape of the light that comes out or the beam angle. This is the angle in which 50% or more of the light is distributed by the spotlight.With a wide beam angle, the light will be more dispersed, so there is less light per surface area. As for a narrow beam angle, the light will be more concentrated, effectively increasing the amount of light that shines in a specific area.

Lighten Up Your Space with Galaxy Lighting

Wall spot lights are proof that beauty is in the details. Install one in your home and bring out the beauty of your space.

If you are looking for ideal interior lighting set-ups, Galaxy Lighting is here to light your ways. Come and see our wide array of lights in different styles and sizes!

For all your lighting enquiries, call us at (09) 443 2486 or (022) 072 8090. You may also email us at info@galaxylighting.co.nz.

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