What Is the Purpose of Sensor Lights?

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Sensor lights for NZ homes are incredibly important. They keep your home safe, and help you prevent any injury or accidents from happening in your property due to lack of light. Getting sensor lights shows you are extra committed to improving your quality of living in your home and your family’s. How would sensor lights be useful? Learn more in this article.

What is a motion sensor light?

A motion sensor or motion detector light is a light fixture that activates when it detects movement. It is an essential component of your property’s security system, as it illuminates your area when there is an intruder roaming there when they should not be. This means that when a burglar, for example, tries to enter your home, the motion sensor will alert you.

You may activate your motion sensor lights when there is nobody at home or when you need to keep your house extra safe while you are away, for example when your children are being supervised by a babysitter. At night, before you go to bed, you may also activate your alarm system so that you can be alerted of any suspicious activity that you might not otherwise be able to notice while you doze off.

When activated, motion sensors are ready to leap into action anytime. They do not always have to sense human activity for them to activate – even motion as simple as a door opening can be picked up by your sensor lights NZ.

Common purposes of motion sensors

Alerting you in the event of a break-in

Homeowners who live in suburbs where residents have experienced breaking and entering situations can really use sensor lights. In NZ, motion sensors are installed in homes anyway regardless of the crime situation in the area, just as a preventive measure or a deterrent for criminals. No matter what the number is in your suburb or city’s crime rate report, you certainly cannot be too careful as burglars and other criminals may just be waiting for a good opportunity to strike.

Alerting you when someone tries to go outside of your house when they are not supposed to

If your child is now in his or her adolescent years, it can be a little bit more difficult to discipline them or control their whereabouts. A lot of kids try and sneak out of the house after mom and dad fall asleep. If your teen does this, your motion sensor will alert you of their movement, and you will be able to keep them home where they are safe (from danger and possibly the consequences of their own decision-making).

Sounding the doorbell when someone is at the front door

While the main purpose of your motion sensors is to make your home safe and secure, they also serve a host of other purposes. For example, you are able to use your motion sensor to trigger your doorbell whenever someone is at the door. This way, your guest or postman will not have to look for a doorbell to ring.

Keeping your young children safe

If you have small children at home, motion sensors are able to alert you when they find themselves in restricted areas such as your home office, kitchen, storage room, garage, driveway, or medicine cabinet.

It can be incredibly difficult to keep track of the whereabouts of small children – much harder than teenagers, a lot of parents would argue. They are constantly curious and are not yet aware of the dangers and consequences they could experience when they get their hands on things they are not supposed to. Thankfully for you, modern technology such as motion sensors help you manage through this difficult time in their childhood.

Keeping your pets out of restricted areas

Similarly, motion sensors are great for tracking your pets’ movements and keeping them out of areas they could get in trouble in. If you do not want them in your bedrooms, kitchen, garage, or other areas your pets are not allowed in, motion sensor lights can drive them away from the area. Or, your alarm system can notify you so you can let your pets out of the area.

Helping you navigate spaces

Depending on your settings and the type of motion sensor lights you get, they can help people in your home navigate a space without actually having to turn a light switch on. This means that sensor lights are friendly for elderly residents, persons with disability, or children. If you know you would have trouble finding or accessing the light switch at night (much less the bathroom), motion sensor lights will help you see where you are going.

Should you install motion sensor lights outside your home?

The short answer is yes, it would definitely help improve your home security system. If you have an existing alarm system, it would add a layer of deterrence for burglars – not only will alarms go off, sensor lights will also go on, ‘catching’ them in the act. Outdoor sensor lights alone can already be effective deterrence. If your neighbourhood CCTV camera for example has poor quality or does not have night vision at all, sensor lights may give that much needed security boost.

Should you install motion sensor lights inside your home?

While outdoor sensors are more common than indoor ones, there are some home or property owners who also want indoor motion sensors to be installed. This all depends on your needs.

As mentioned above, if you or other fellow occupants or family members require some assistance when navigating the space at night, you might want to install indoor sensor lights to be proactive and helpful. Or, if you want an extra layer of security, you can add both outdoor and indoor lights to your home.

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